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Water for elephants adapted from the novel by Sara Gruen


Welcome to "Water for elephants", a Fan Community dedicated to the upcoming movie directed by Francis Laurence based on the novel by Sara Gruen.
We'll try to provide you all news, pictures, videos about the movie. Be free to post news about the cast, the script but also graphics (icons, wallpapers, banners) or everything you want.
Please check the tags in order to make any research easier. Thanks for joining us and be free to watch the community for more updates about the movie staring Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz.


- Please only post three icons in your preview. Any big graphics must be put under a cut.

- When you post pictures or interviews, please mention the source. For pictures, post a small preview and put the others under a cut.

- This is a fan community, so be respectful. This is a place for entertainment no headaches... thanks.

- Please check the tags (if you don't tag your entry correctly it will not be approved). It makes any research more simple.

- Be free to page the mods if you have any questions or ideas to improve the community.


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