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So, I know this movie happened a while ago and the book happened way before that. I know I'm late and can't expect to find a currently active fandom, but I am surprised that at how little there ever was of it. There are some nice icons and gifs... a few vids that are basically pretty trailer-mashups... and that's it?

Where is the pr0n? The lovely, evocative drabbles? The AUs?

Where is my epic August/Marlena/Jacob OT3? Or plain old August/Jacob slash? I just figured, while watching the movie, that there was no way it didn't exist.

What's wrong, fandom?

If there IS some well-hidden pocket of fanfic gems out there and you've seen it, please point me to it.
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20 icons for kstewart20in20
001-005 .kristen stewart
006-008 .robert and kristen (+wallpaper)
009-029 .robert pattinson (some with reese witherspoon)
030-033 .robert pattinson animated
034-044 .reese witherspoon

045-052 .diane kruger
053-064 .fringe
065-075 .supernatural
076-087. twilight
088-096 .how to be
097-106 .water for elephants (+wallpaper)
107-118 .tangled

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